CUBO Research Park

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What is a CUBO (HUB)

Become a global network of connected skills and talents that enable collaborative ventures for a better technology innovation

We believe there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time. But there is an acute lack of collaboration and support structures to help make them happen. Krysto Drym CUBO (HUB) was founded to address this need.

Krysto Drym, an advocate for Technology Innovation

Cubo means "HUB" in Spanish

Focused on supporting entrepreneurs who are building businesses for the common good, Krysto Drym CUBO (HUB) is both a network and central HUB where talent and skills inspire each other for technology innovation. Krysto Drym CUBO (HUB) is your one-stop-shop to find the resources, partners, investors, and education that your business needs.

Our mission

Krysto Drym team is aimed to collaborate with our resources, partners, investors, and education in order to work out their business requests in the most effective way through technology solutions.

We do care about the final outcome and are always intended to provide productive long-term business relationship.

Why should you hire us?

We understand what our clients are looking for and we go the extra mile to appreciate and incorporate their business goals to make the company more successful.

The following are our life mantras:

  • Quality: Maintainable code, good user experience and performance.

  • Honesty: Will not promise more than we can offer.

  • Dependability: Treat each project as if it were our own.

  • Ambition: Desire to be the best at what we do.

  • Respect: Respectful in action and speech no matter what.

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